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”Bill has shown a remarkable ability to conceptualize and execute complex beverage programming ranging from exceptionally creative and resoundingly successful short-term LTO's, to rock-solid core programming. Bill's craft cocktail chops are indisputable, but it's his range that's perhaps most impressive. Bill has a keen ability to program for the concept and clientele, and understands that beverage programming and menu development are not one-size-fits-all endeavors. For us as suppliers, this skill in beverage directors is crucial in developing a successful long-term partnership, as the market is continually changing and it's important for us to work with directors who understand how to produce profitable programming in a range of market conditions. Bill has decades of direct experience as an operator which he brings to bear on his programming considerations."
Adam Higginbotham, CEO, Liber & Co. Essential Cocktail Syrups
”Bill Norris possesses an undeniable understanding of the relationship between the operator and supplier partnership. There are those hollow, one-sided ‘business’ dealings that are deeply superficial in our channel, then there are those rooted in mutual respect and will to succeed. When I first began working with Bill, it was very apparent he not only had a firm grasp on operations, technical knowhow, and fiscal responsibility, but a genuine approach to his partnerships and how they directly impacted the success of all those involved. No ego, no fluff, absolutely no B.S. There has never been a doubt in my mind he is all in and 100% devoted to his craft while always remaining true to our industry, his employer and his partners. "
Jeff Scott, Director National Accounts, House of Smith
”Bill understands that each customer’s needs are unique and that bar programming and menus should reflect this. He knows that what’s successful for one account will not necessarily translate to others. What drives Bill’s decision making are data-based facts, operational needs and execution. Bill is very aware that without consistency in execution, a menu program has very little chance of being successful. Utilizing industry trends and sales data helps Bill keep decisions factual and takes the emotional aspect away."
Nadine Jones, National Account Manager, Brooklyn Brewery

What People Say About Us

As a National and Regional account director who works with hundreds of brands, Bill’s tenure of nearly 30 years in the industry gives him the understanding that the best on-premise/supplier relationships go beyond the transactional--that long-term, on-going relationships that serve both the on-premise account and the suppliers are key to making those relationships work for both parties. Bill's ability to connect programming to the correct companies helps to create partnerships that are successful for everyone involved. "
Jan Stewart, National Accounts, Southern-Glazer's Wine & Spirits
”Having worked with Bill on a number of large scale beverage programs, I am extremely impressed with his ability to understand how the best on premise/ supplier relationships are formed and what it takes to be successful where all parties win! Beyond a transactional approach, Bill demonstrates keen interest in engaging me as a supplier to brainstorm creative ideas, discuss data trends and collaborate. Collaborating is fun and I have learned a great deal watching Bill tailor his customized approach based on specific account needs."
Harvard Gates, VP Sales/National Sales Manager, 3 Badge Enology